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WhatsApp Hack tool - Contact Spy

Have you ever thought about you can know or monitor and see every WhatsApp conversation of your girlfriend/boyfriend/friend/son/daughter or anyone's other contact in your phone list?
What if we told you it's possible! And yes it truly is!

Today we are proudly represent you our ultimate WhatsApp Hack tool! The software designed especially to spy any WApp contact you desire! It's also possible to change their status updates, send messages to their contacts list as well, and also change their profile picture! Sounds pretty funny eh? :) You can take everything under your control and don't let anybody to cheat you, lie you or make a fool with you. You have the power to see any of your contacts messages!

ScreenShot: (Click for Bigger Image)
WhatsApp Hack
Like you can see in the screenshot, the tool is very simple to use and everyone can easily get used to it to learn it quickly. There are only few buttons and boxes to use, but powerful ones :)
The first step will be to choose the country where your contact lives. This is in most cases the same country where you're from, but anyway choices are different.
Secondly, type your victim's phone number, and then press "Connect to Account" button. Shortly after you'll get connected to your WhatsApp contacts account and then start operate with them. Spy their conversation, message with their contacts, update their statuses or pictures and do what you want! You have the ultimate power now!

There is more! While you are the hacking with tool and it's running, you are 100% undetected and safe! This is because the WhatsApp Hack tool has special proxies and socks plugins integrated inside, keeping you safe and your location is spoofed to somewhere else from your real one. So you don't need to worry anyone will detect you.

So what are you waiting for? Download the software right now using the button above!

Best regards,
- Admin

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